Dreams, Visions and Thinking in the Story A.P. Chekhov "In the Cart": Reality and Irreality of the World of Characters

(Southerm Federal University)

Annotation: In the story by A.P. Chekhov "In the cart" a day in the life of a rural teacher is described, but the fragments
of the text, representing dreams, visions and thinking of Marya Vasilyevna, allow the author and readers to form a holistic world
of the heroine. The world includes an extended period of time that is full of difficulties of daily life and drama. The real and irreal
world that comes to the mind of the heroine through her visions and thinking, as well as the description of dreams and their possible
curtailment and deployment in the text represent the overall external and internal life of Marya Vasilyevna. Reality and irreality
are interrelated in the story, it is the thought of the realities of the life in the past and the present that leads the heroine to different
psychological and physical (oneiric) status, which gives despair and hopelessness in the future. The drama of the heroine's world
is determined by the intensity of the pursuit of happiness only in the past; the present, designated by the heroine as "a long, heavy,
strange dream", also does not allow to go beyond the limits of the objectively existing reality.
dreams, vision, thinking, reality, irreality, the past, the present

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