Pun as a Means of Representation of Strategies of Discredit in Conflict Discourse

(Southern Federal University)

Purpose: The rapid development of information systems, digital technologies contributes to the increasing influence of the media not only on the communicative, but also on the social behavior of members of society. In this connection, the importance of more aggressive new methods and ways of implementing the regulatory function of modern media is increasing. A distinctive
feature of modern mass media discourse is the use of confrontational strategies and tactics. To achieve these goals, communicators implement various means, and one of the most effective means is a language game.
Methods: We conducted a quantitative analysis of examples of pun taken from one program. We have distributed them according to the level of the language system. After that we distributed them in accordance with the tactics that implement the strategy of discredit.
Results: The lexical level has the largest arsenal of means for expressing pun, so it is not surprising that the participants mostly used the means of expression of this level (89%). Insult tactics occupy 68% of all analyzed examples. It shows that the participants are not intended to have a constructive dialogue. It is important for them to expose themselves as the only true source of information, and expose their interlocutors as competent people.
game, strategy of discredit, the conflict discourse, insults tactics, the prosecution tactics

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