Role of Y.A. Zhdanov in Formation of Interdisciplinary Approach and Development of Scientific and Publishing Business: to the 25th Anniversary of the Journal Scientific Thought of the Caucasus

(Southern Federal University)

The article considers the role of Yuri Zhdanov in the formation of an interdisciplinary approach in science and the development of scientific and publishing activities in the South of Russia. The author uses historical and philosophical methodology to identify the possibility of applying the concept of "interdisciplinary approach" to Zhdanov 's methodological ideas. Despite the lack
of such a term in this thinker's own scientific dictionary, his ideas about the methods and organization of scientific research fit into the modern understanding of interdisciplinary. Zhdanov was characterized by an integrative approach to solving topical scientific problems. This approach required combining, consolidating the efforts of scientists of different fields and directions within one
research team. At the same time, he considered the basis of such solidarity activities to solve topical scientific problems to be a higher educational institution, where specialists of different subject areas of science work. The interdisciplinary approach was also expressed in the creation of the journal "Scientific Thought of the Caucasus" where results of researching work of integrative scientific collectives were published. The journal topics covered the natural, humanities and technical sciences. Analyzing the content of the articles published in the first issue of the journal "Scientific Thought of the Caucasus," the author points to a deep philosophical approach to the formation of the editorial policy of this publication, defined by the ideas of Yu.A. Zhdanov himself and the Russian scientist V.I. Vernadsky close to him in spirit. The editorial policy of the journal, despite all the transformations during the twentyfive years since its foundation, remained committed to Zhdanov's ideas. The journal continues to be imbued with the desire for interdisciplinary. "Scientific Thought of the Caucasus" acts as a discussion platform for scientists of the North Caucasus.
interdisciplinary, Y.A. Zhdanov, V.I. Vernadsky, science, research team, state support of science, scientific and publishing activity

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