Letters of Circassian Woman Charlotte-Elizabeth Aisse (Аishet) – “a Little Masterpiece” of French Prose


The purpose of the article is to investigate the role of Charlotte-Elizabeth Aissa who was the Circassian woman in the literature of France. Her name became popular because of her “Letters to Mrs. Calandrini” which had been accidently found after her death. It those “Letters…” she reveals her high level belles-lettres style due to which people called her “a little masterpiece” of French prose. In her “Letters…” she exposes the inner world of the French nobility in the beginning of the 18th century. She also demonstrated her conscience, love for her relatives and friends. The “Letters…” is in fact a philosophy of her morals.
Philosophy, literature, prose, Circassian, France, letters, moral, love, devotion, art

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