Scientific and socio-theoretical journal “Scientific thought of Caucasus”

Founded in 1995 by Y.A. Zhdanov

Publication schedule quarterly (April, July, October, January next year)
Language Russian, English
Volume 20 quire
Format 60х84 1/8
Founders Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution Higher Education "Southern Federal University"
Publisher North-Caucasus Scientific Center of High school, Southern Federal University
Editor-in-Chief Academic of RAS M. Ch. Zalikhanov
Deputy Editor-in-Chief Ph.D. M. D. Rozin
Executive secretary Yuliya Aleksandrovna Pekhtereva

Registration information

ISSN International Centre ISSN 2072-0181
Mass media registration certificate Registration number PI No PhS77-83942 of the Federal Service of Supervisionin the Sphere of Communication, Information Technology and Mass Media
(September 30, 2022)
Publishing index 72566 in electronic catalogues;;;
Russian science citation index (Russian: РИНЦ) Registered in Russian science citation index, main reference database of science publications of Russian researchers
List of Higher attestation commission (Russian: ВАК) The journal is in the list of HAC. In connection with the entry into force of the new edition of the nomenclature of scientific specialties, the journal is included in the List of peer-reviewed scientific publications in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of Candidate of Sciences, for the degree of Doctor of Sciences, in the following scientific specialties should be published: 5.6.1. National History (Historical Sciences); 5.6.2. General history (historical sciences); 5.6.5. Historiography, source studies and methods of historical research (historical sciences); 5.7.7. Social and political philosophy (philosophical sciences); 5.7.8. Philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture (philosophical sciences); 5.7.9. Philosophy of religion and religious studies (philosophical sciences); 10.02.01 – Russian language (philological sciences) – until October 16, 2022; 10.02.19 – theory of language (philological sciences) – until October 16, 2022 (Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation dated February 1, 2022 No. 33-r)