Provisional subjects

  • reflection of results of fundamental researches of scientific high schools and other scientific establishments on various branches of knowledge and culture.

Official transliteration of the name

  • Naučnaâ mysl' Kavkaza

Main headings

  • Time. Ideas. Science of the 21st century
  • Science. Society. Geopolitics/Education
  • History of the Great Patriotic War. No statute of limitations
  • The Caucasus nations: Traditions and Modernity
  • The Caucasus Region in Greater Eurasia: Historiography, Geopolitical, Geographical and Economic Processes
  • Language policy and interethnic communication
  • Caucasus and Don: Linguoculturological Illumination
  • Linguocultures as an object of interaction and lighting
  • New scientific directions and schools>
  • Universities and scientific institutions of the Caucasus
  • Peoples. Events. Facts