The Northern Caucasus in the Sociological Dimension Review of Dzutsev X. V.’ Monograph “The Ethnosociological Image of the Northern Caucasus Federal Okrug’ Republics. Moscow: Rossiyskaya politicheskaya entsiklopediya. 2012. 734 p.


The review is about the monograph of the famous sociologist Dzutsev X.V. Ethno-social stereotypes of the Northern Caucasus Federal Okrug’ population is analyzed. The foundations of the monograph are the results of the representative sociological study of public opinion in Northern Caucasian republics and expert interviews. Attitudes of the population to economic, social, ethno-political processes as well as federal and regional authorities and their politics are analyzed.
Northern Caucasus, ethno-social attitudes, public opinion, inter-ethnic relations, Russian identity, authority and society, education, corruption

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