The Enlightenment Model of Culture: Lessons and Warnings


The Enlightenment is both a historical epoch and a certain model structuring contemporary culture and civilized relationships, though claims are made about “depletion of the Enlightenment model” and even “Enlightenment’s wake”. The thing is that it is impossible to ignore the “modernization impulse” created by the Enlightenment that determined the ways of European historical development. At the same time, questions arise over and over again about vitality and universal character of the Enlightenment cultural model and its role and significance both in creating modern problems of humanity and resolving them which makes it important to return to the history of the question.
the Enlightenment, reason, modernization, system of values, glory, rationalism, pessimism, nothing superfluous, agonistics, freedom, power, sacralization, piety, blasphemy, nature, gods, man, ecology

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