The New Vector of Electoral Politics in Russia in the Early 2000s: “Civilization” of the System of Political Parties


This article describes the process of “civilization” and organization of the system of political parties, which took
place in Russia in the early 2000s. The alternative drafts of law on political parties, represented by politicians and the
scientifi c community have been analyzed. Based on a study of public transcripts and parliamentary hearings, the results
of voting in the Duma, as well as the other sources, the author reveals the extent of the main actors infl uence on the
formation of a new vector of Russia’s electoral politics. The author concludes that by the early 2000s, when clearly
apparent threat to the integrity of the state was appeared, the pragmatic goal acquired the greatest importance – to fi netune
the mechanism for the formation of an effective government. As a result, there was the gradual abandonment from
the previous understanding election procedures as the guaranteed mechanism of the real expression of popular will to favor
of the position that represents the institution of elections as the instrument of social stability preservation.
Electoral Politics, Elections, Party, Electoral System, Reform, the Federal Law

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