State and Prospects of the Modern Don Cossacks as Social System


In the prolog of article the object of research, the purpose and task of article are defi ned. It is shown that only the
some part of the Don Cossacks, which were united as the state register Cossack society “Vsevelikoye Voysko Donskoye”
(VVD), is satisfying to concept of “social system”. In this regard the purposes of work are the sociological analysis
of a present situation and a temporary dynamics of social structure of VVD and the study of possible scenarios of its
As methodical base of research, the theory of a structuration of A. Giddens is chosen. The essence of theory is
the study of dynamic laws of self-organization of complex social systems. By the means of theory, the resources and
system of the social practices of the modern Don Cossacks are in detail considered. Now the social-psychological and
administrative resources are most active. Together with a territorial resource, they provide evolutionary development of
the Cossacks as social system.
The analysis of the social relations between the Cossacks and the state is characterizing them as the system
integration. Based on statistical data it is suggested about a situation of unstable balance in system integration of the
regional Cossacks and the state. The scenario of evolutionary development of this situation on the way of an intensifi cation
of the Cossack education is considered. The conclusion is drawn that movement on such way characterizes attempt of the
solution of a problem of self-reproduction of system own social practices. In addition, such way testifi es to reorientation
of the Cossack community to the more effective forms of the partner’s activity.
Don Cossacks, Cossack social structure, Cossack education, structuration theory, resources of the social system, system integration, system of the social practices

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