Unifi cation as a Response to Assimilation: Community-Construction by the North-Caucasian Diaspora in Turkey


The article examines the community-construction strategies of North-Caucasian Diaspora in Turkey. We consider
the process of community-construction as an attempt to overcome the impacts of assimilation, the ethnic heterogeneity,
and the consequences of the lack of objectivity in historiography.
We give much prominence to the study of such constructs as geographical community, ethno-cultural community,
linguistic community and community of destiny, paying a special attention to the history of these constructs and their
links with assimilation policy, trying to evaluate their effi ciency and observe the criticism raised inside the Diaspora.
The article argues that it’s a matter of great importance for North-Caucasian Diaspora to produce different
strategies of unifi cation as a response to the long-term assimilation policy of Turkish government.
Caucasus, Turkey, Circassian Diaspora

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