Speculations on Ethnoses and Ethnic Diversity in the Modern World (Materials of the First International Congress on the Ethnic Culture, the City of Grozny)

(Southern Federal University, Rostov-on-Don)

The article analyzes the issues of cultural identity and ethnic diversity in the modern world grounding on the materials of the congress on the ethnic culture held in Grozny. The undertaken analysis shows that these investigations in various spheres of the ethnic culture do not constitute only the form of theoretical refl exion, but also ethnic selfconsciousness, vitality of the Caucasian ethnoses, aspiration towards self-protection in the contemporary globalizing world. The methods of reasserting ethnicity, balancing traditions and innovations, preserving ethnic peculiarities and diversity are the key ones. The modern condition of Russian ethnoses demonstrates the world of legends and symbols, customs and values of the dim and distant past that permitted the ethnos to survive centuries and thousands of years, adapting to the changing technological and social environment. Thus, the idea of cultural and social interaction of the ethnoses and of saving and asserting the united cultural space of the Russian Federation is communicated.
ethnos, nature, culture, cultural invariables, the sacred, archetype, traditions, innovations, globalization, unifi cation, cultural identity, ecology

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