The Ethnic Organizations of Noghais in the North Caucasus


Political life of Noghais of Russia and activity of the modern Noghai organizations of ethnic sense is described: “Birlik”, “National council of the Noghai people”, Federal national and cultural autonomy of Noghais of “Noghay El”. The social and political problems capable to aggravate, so-called “the Noghai question” in the North Caucasus are analysed. It is shown that creation of a territorial autonomy (statehood) of Noghais of Russia was a main objective of the ethnic organizations of Noghais in the early nineties of the 20th century. At the same time, today this question lost relevance of the sounding, and current activity of public men doesn’t threaten with new recutting of administrative borders in the North Caucasus and is directed only on preservation and development of cultural identity of the people, and also assistance in the solution of questions of rational use of natural resources of the Noghai steppes.
Noghais, ethnic organizations, North Caucasus

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