The Metaphysics and the Geopolitics of the Russian Civilization



DOI 10.18522/2072-0181-2015-15-23
The essential features of Russian civilization in the context of the transition from a unipolar to a multipolar world are analyzes the article. The conclusion is made that the cultural content of modern Russian civilization may be associated with the implementation of a conservative project. Traditional for the Russian philosophy searches for civilizational place of Russia between East and West are determined today not only by the reference to the cultural foundations of Russia but by geopolitical changes in the contemporary world as well, and by the competition between two civilizational projects: the postmodernist Western one, and the fundamentalist project associated first of all with the countries of the Islamic world. Russia again found herself at the center of this paradigmatic collision, when both projects are unacceptable for her. The conservative project implies the advanced economic development and the preservation of traditional values as the social and cultural foundations. The conservative project implies advanced economic development and preservation of traditional values as the social and cultural foundations. The situation becomes even more acute due to geopolitical clash with the West, when the Western world casts out and ostracizes Russia, thus urging her to seek new place in the changing structure of the contemporary world.
Russian civilization, civilizational identity, a “unique way”, sovereignty, national interests, postmodernism, fundamentalism, a conservative project, geopolitical challenges

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