“Breaking on Elbrus”

DOI 10.18522/2072-0181-2015-84-4-5-11
The mountaineering and mountain skiing became very popular in the last century in all developed countries of the West. Mass thirst of the population for mountains, for mountain sports has come to our country with some delay.
During the Soviet period in our country many mountaineering camps and tourist centers have been constructed and on Caucasus, a bit later, the ropeways with mountain-skiing bases, hotels etc. The further development of this process
was prevented by disintegration of the USSR. The political condition followed the country disintegration in Checheno-Ingushetiya and Kabardino-Balkariya has prevented the development of rich mountain-recreational resources of the highest
mountain of Europe – Elbrus. Then foreign and Russian tourists and mountain skiers began to prefer the foreign sport centers than “gangster Caucasus”. Now conditions here are stabilized and again our and foreign climbers, tourists and
mountain skiers come here. It will give the chance to the further development of this important branch in ability to live of the Caucasian republics of the Russian Federation, to a sustainable development of their high-mountainous territories.
Among these territories, the rich mountain-recreational possibilities especially allocate on a massive of Elbrus mountain. Only 5–7 % of southern part of these huge hills up to 4100 m above sea level are cultivated by this time.
Above this height anything is not present, though top glacial zone is the most attractive to mountain fans, admirers for mountaineering and mountain skiing. The possibilities here are enormous. The scientists of High-Mountain Geophysical
Institute defi ne places of rock outcrops; on them the safe places for building of 44 rope-ways stations in the most diffi cult top glacial belt are chosen. On the east top of Elbrus the route satisfying the most exacting inquiries of highclass mountain skiers is reconnoitered. On slopes of Elbrus the suitable conditions for creation of exclusively convenient mountain-skiing lines of various diffi cult categories, suitable for driving all year long are available. The number of ropeways can exceed fi ve hundred, and their general extent can make 900 km. The capacity of slopes of Elbrus hills and its foot can reach 120–140 thousand tourists. Elbrus is not worthy to put in it money, it literally demands it.
Elbrus, ropeways, development

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