Historiographical Methodology as a Source of Risk and Confl ict-Factor




Risks in today’s society are determined not only by globalization, technological and natural factors, but also informative scientifi c activities. This is not a scientific differences and the inevitable discussions, but the fundamental problems of the methodology of historical and ethnological research, in particular, peoples of the Caucasus. Ethnocentrism despite the continuing scientific criticism, continues to dominate the regional studies. Ethnocentric discourse excludes ethnic groups from the entire system of interactions of larger social space and social time phases that legitimizes social conflicts, ethnic and religious tensions.
It is proposed to develop within ethnology macrohistorical paradigms to consider ethnicity as a human-dimension object, which is a blend of natural, social, mental, virtual (subjective). Supported the process initiated to restore the ethics of scientific activity in relation to Caucasian studies. An important role can the federal universities, in which ethnocentrism has no serious roots.
methodology, Ethnology, Historiography, Caucasus Studies, ethnocentrism, confl icts, ethnic group

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