The Technologies of Deconstruction of the Russian World in Post-Maidan Ukraine

(Southern Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Science)

(North-Caucasian Federal University)

The technologies of deconstruction of the Russian world in modern Ukraine are analyzed. It is argued that Ukraine is not just a part of the Russian world, but it is its the essential core, its very beginning in the genetic, cultural and ethnic aspects. Two types of such technologies are discussed. Firstly, it is the manipulation with history aimed at the creation of a new design of historical backgrounds for both Ukraine and Russia. Each period of history is reinterpreted in such a way as to confirm the main idea of the deconstruction of the Russian world, that is that “Ukraine is not Russia”. Secondly, the process of decommunisation that is gaining strength in Ukraine is an instrument of the Russian world deconstruction.
Unlike the processes of decommunisation that took place in the 1990s in many newly independent countries of the post-communist world and that were mainly limited to the revision of the communist past, decommunisation in Ukraine was replaced by total negation of all that is connected with Russia, Russian world, Russian culture and history. Despite those efforts there is a considerable pro-Russian potential in the Ukrainian society, which needs to be maintained, using
primarily humanitarian tools, in particular “the soft power”.
identity, civilization, the Russian World, Russia, Ukraine, the manipulation of history

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