A Culture is in the Context of Civilization Development: Effect of Globalization

(Southern Federal University)

(Rostov State Transport University)

The article is sanctifi ed to the issues of the day of globalization. Does globalization present the objectivelyhistorical way of development of humanity? A question is put about the effect of globalization, concomitant to modern civilization development. A culture and civilization not only confl ict with each other but also meet in one in a civilized manner-civilization complex. Processes are most characteristic such in relation to European technogenic civilization. The modern state of western society is examined in the context of transition from a modern to the post-modern. An art and cultural values grow into an industrial production. The concept of late capitalism is examined. Communication of postmodernism culture with traditional results in her destruction and unitization, what makes essence of effect of globalization.
Culture, Globalization, Civilization, National Identity, Unitization, Modernism, Postmodernism, Capitalism, Science, Technique, Education, Personality, Effect of Globalization

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