Russian Policy in Chechnya in the Period of the Governorship of A.P. Tormasov

(Academy of Sciences of the Chechen Republic)

(Academy of Sciences of the Chechen Republic)

(Institute of Sociology and Regional Studies of Southern Federal University)

The work of Alexander Petrovich Tormasov, the Viceroy of the Caucasus in 1809–1811, aimed at solving the most important issues in Russian-highlanders relations in a peaceful way, through political and economic means. Discussed issues of resettlement of Chechens on the left bank of the Terek river. It is noted the convergence of the Caucasian administration and the most infl uential elders of Chechnya, especially with Bey-Bulat Taimiev. It is concluded that in the
second half of 1811 and the Russian and Chechen sides have demonstrated mutual desire for normalization of relations.
Mozdok congress of the Chechen elders in March of 1812 contributed to a further improvement in Russian-Chechen relations.
Tormasov A.P., Russian-Chechen relations, economic convergence, B.-B. Taimiev, resettlement policy, peace agreements, Mozdok congress of the Chechen elders

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