Sociological Diagnostics and Sociological Expertise: Development of Sociology for Society

(Institute of Sociology and Regional Studies at the Southern Federal University)

The author is based on the idea of “regularity” of the advent of a sociological diagnostics and sociological expertise in the context of the development of foreign sociological thought. It is noted that the diagnostics and expert knowledge takes on the character of paradossalmente, because it becomes normative to expand a subject fi eld of sociology and the formation of a new sociological theories. This is the conclusion the author comes on the basis of studies on the diagnostics and expertise in the movement of sociology from the “system interaction”. The author notes that there has been a rapprochement, strengthening the similarities between the sociological diagnostics and sociological examination of the use of mainly quantifi cation methods that effect the interchangeability. Even though American sociology had complaints on the expert role in society, this requirement seemed diffi cult to implement in the framework of the existence of a University and the orders from private corporations and government agencies. The social dependence of the expert community was and remains forbidden in the sociological community. Despite the nomination and appearance in the University environment, representatives of alternative movements such as neo-Marxists, sociological understanding of diagnostics and sociological expertise remains in the framework of the sociological servility.
domestic sociology, foreign sociological thought, sociological diagnostics, a sociological expertise, sociological field

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