Contemporary Geopolitical Challenges and Problem of Socialization of Young People

(Bryansk Branch of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Government Service at President of Russian Federation)

(High-Mountain Geophysical Institute)

(Academy of International independent Ecological-Political University)

The origins, causes and effects of anti-Russian policy of the West in relation to the events in Ukraine. Global processes confrontation North-South and East-West civilization as a manifestation of the faults in the modern world. The information war waged against Russia, covers Western efforts to ensure the economic interests of Western multinational corporations in the post-Soviet space and in the world. Russophobian Education of Youth in Ukraine creates a lasting barrier to restore good-neighborly relations in the future and warns of Russian youth issues. As a science and education can assist young people in understanding its modern picture of the world and their civilization choice.
civilization; a crisis; national targets; political history; culture; education; information war; the youth; civilizational choice

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