The 18th Session of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Kalmykia – Khal’mg Tangch – Decisive Stage in Establishment of Presidential Institute

(Kalmyk State University named by B.B. Gorodovikov)

(Kalmyk Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

The article is analyzed the work of the 18th session of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Kalmykia – Khal’mg Tangch of the 9th convocation that was held in Elista at the end of January – the middle of February 1993. The research is based on a wide range of archival sources, many of which are brought in scientific use for the first time. In addition there has been held a series of interviews with some participants of the considered events. The background of the session includes an unsuccessful attempt by a group of deputies to push the Supreme Soviet to adopt amendments to the presidential laws. Thus, the majority of deputies postponed the solution of this item by the end of January 1993.
The agenda for the 18th session included more than 30 questions. However the most important questions were the ones that directly influenced an electoral outcome of the president of the Republic of Kalmykia – Khal’mg Tangch. During
their consideration the deputies, on the one hand, radically changed the election process, on the other hand, refused to hold a presidential referendum. On the whole, the authors associate the behavior of deputies with the interests of the
political elite of Kalmykia.
power brokers, parliamentarism, public opinion, referendum, Kalmykia, election of the President of Kalmykia

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