Requiem for the West? (By the 100th Anniversary of Shpengler's book "Decline of Europe")

(Southern Federal University)

The article is devoted to the 100th anniversary of the publication of O. Shpengler’s book "Decline of Europe". The authors demonstrate the relevance of Shpengler’s ideas for understanding the contemporary problems of civilization development. They reconstruct the analysis of the concepts "culture" and "civilization", the characteristics of the technological civilization of the West.
The main problem of the article is the question about the difference between “apollonovsky” and “phaustovsky” person. As a result of the opposition of these two anthropological types is a destruction of the unified European culture, the rejection of its cultural basis, which caused an approach of civilization. The effect of cultural diversity, discovered by Shpengler, is investigated as a principal factor of modern civilization development. Today's appeal to Shpengler has discovered the possibility of the broad cross-cultural analysis and hyistorical cultural appendix the results in different social-cultural practices. Shpengler's speculations consist anxiety
about the destiny of European civilization, criticism of rationalism and pantologism, in the work "Decline of Europe" the philosophical criticism combines with the first cultural project. Discussing the main problem of Philosophy of culture, Shpengler has considered that crisis and destruction of culture is absolutely unavoidable and appropriate process. Shpengler performs against the line conception of history, negates the cultural unity and succession of historical process.
culture, civilization, history, morphology, life, creativity, organism, capitalism, technology, intelligence, life cycle

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