From the History of Dagestan–Ossetian Relations with Alans in the Early Middle Ages

(Dagestan State Pedagogical University)

The purpose of the article is to highlight the relationship of the Dagestan peoples with the Alans – Ossetians in the early middle ages. It discusses issues related to the settlement of the Alans, ancestors of Ossetians and other peoples of the North Caucasus it is noted that the area of settlement of the Alans in the North-East did not have defined borders. The methodological basis of the article was the principles of objectivity, comparative historical, retrospective and critical analysis of the actual material.
Various archaeological monuments, in particular, the layout of burial mounds typical of early medieval Alanian catacombs testify to the connections of the Dagestan peoples with the Alans: a hole closed by a stone slab, a chamber with a spherical vault.
The further stage of development of relations between Dagestan peoples by Alans (Ossetians) is connected with the emergence of the Kingdom of Alanya. In the most close ties with Alanya were ownership Serir and Gumik. Dagestan highlanders maintained economic and cultural relations with the population of Alanya, which were carried out in the settlements of Dagestan, Alanya and other regions of the North Caucasus.
Dagestan, the Alans, the Nations of Dagestan, Alania, North Caucasus, Derbent, Magas, the Khazars, the Caspian Sea, trade, trade routes

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