Christianity as an Experience of Absolute Dialectics – Absolute Mythology in the Works of A.F. Losev

(Kuban State University)

The article is devoted to the consideration of Losev's concept of Christianity as an absolute mythology. Let us look in detail the logical contradictions where Losev leads the recognition of the Absolute Personality. First of all, this is the contrast between being and non-being that Losev revealed through images of light and darkness. The Absolute Personality is the source of light, the divine energy, meaning and being. It is naturally that, the energy field has a different degree of tension depending on the proximity to the light source (Absolute). Contrasting being and non-being, the second antinomy logically appears- the path to chaos (non-being) and the path to light (God) – or, in other words – the opposition of God and Satan, as mythological characters. It should be noted that in this context Losev understands the myth as a direct perception of the essence of human-being and humanity. Losev believes the world history is first of all a world-wide path to the someone`s Salvation and the Death for others. According to Losev, Absolute
mythology is a mythology where all the principles are in their respective places, where there is no diminished, belittled or denied moment, but at the same time it is not hypostatized or hypertrophied. In comparison to absolute mythology, relative one takes only one of the mythological principles making its substance, detracting from the meaning of the others. Therefore, according to Losev's remark, absolute mythology should be the standard model to any relative form of mythology to strive for.
Losev, Christianity, Orthodoxy, mythology

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