K. Marx's Theoretical and Methodological Heritage in the Study of Modern Economic Processes in the Agricultural Sector of Russia

(Southern Federal University)

The article, from the standpoint of the classical paradigm, considers the methodological platform of Karl Marx's analysis of the phenomenon of land rent – the conceptual basis of the study of the economic nature of the agrarian system of agricultural production.
The basic methodological key to the development of the model of agrarian reform in Russia is Marx's thesis on the division of land capital into capital-property and capital-function and on the institutional-personalized consolidation of such a division in the social roles of land aristocrat (land owner) and capitalist-tenant (managing on the entrepreneur’s land taken into tenement), respectively.
Understanding differences in their economic status is extremely important not only for the methodological definition of the theoretical analysis of the common characteristics ( the presence of administrative functions in the competences of the owner and the tenant of the land) and the differences of their capacities (an exclusive character of the land appropriation by the the first and limitedexclusive
– by the second one), but for the fateful objective-oriented strategic decisions making in determining the direction of the agrarian reform and the gradient of the institutional and economic transformation of the social system of production in general.
From these viewpoint, it appears that for the formation of status of an effective and motivated subject of economic management the administrative functions of the unlimited-exclusive, unchallenged sovereign appropriation of the land, characterizing the competence of the owner, are redundant and unclaimed.
For this, the limited-exclusive appropriation – ownership of resources on the basis of land lease, employment and leasing of technical means of production is enough to be a full owner, carrying out the production and economic cycle, the circulation of individual capital and distribution functions in the system of relations of the agrarian system.
appropriation, alienation, property, management, ownership, use, capital-property, capital-function, subject, economic management, land rent, rent, reproduction

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