From the History of the Organization of the Commission on National Policy of the RCP(b) – VCP(b) in the North Caucasus: Motives for the Creation and Role in the System of Autonomy Management (1924–1927)

(Ingush State University)

Purpose: The article is devoted to the determination of the motives of the creation of the Commission on national policy of the RCP(b) – VCP(b) in the North Caucasus and its role in the system of autonomy management (1924–1927).
Methods: the principles of historicism, institutional approach, structural and functional method.
Results: During the period of the new economic policy, the system of bodies of party and state power in the North Caucasus gradually grew stronger. The need for a more effective conduct of national policy was caused by the creation in the summer of 1924 of a commission on national policy in the North Caucasus under the Regional Committee of the RCP(b). For the first time it is proved that the initiative for the formation of such a body came from the leaders of the Economic meeting of the regional executive committee of the Soviets and was motivated by the congestion of the central and regional authorities. The created commission
engaged in analytical support, preparation for the adoption of political decisions on the party and Soviet lines, and regulation of conflicts between the region, districts and autonomies, and between ethnic groups.
Discussion: The Commission interacted, first of all, with the Regional National Council of North Caucasus Regional Executive Committee, being in relation to the last decision-making body, as well as with the party committees of autonomous regions. In the conditions of the curtailment of the NEP, the institutions for coordinating ethnic interests gradually lost their representative and
open character, which manifested itself in the North Caucasus by the end of 1927.
state administration, the RCP(b) – VCP(b), autonomies, the North Caucasus, the commission on national policy

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