Liberal vs. Conservative: Confrontation with A.A. Donetskiy and N.A. Maslakovets, Its Ideological Background and Role in the History of the Don Region

(Southern Federal University)

The article is devoted to a concrete example of confrontation between the Don Conservatives and Liberals in the late 19th century: the opposition between A.A. Donetskiy and N.A. Maslakovets. In 1879–1882, general N.A. Maslakovets repeatedly criticized the quality of work of the Don Zemstvos. Zemsky figure A.A. Donetskiy, on the contrary, demanded to expand the powers of Zemstvo. In 1898–1899, a commission was operating on the Don, which studied the causes of the impoverishment of the Cossacks.
A.A. Donetskiy was the leader of the liberal majority of this Commission. N.A. Maslakovets, who was appointed chairman of this commission, repeatedly argued with him. The author argues that A.A. Donetskiy and N.A. Maslakovets were ideological opponents. But there was no real discussion between them. Experienced administrator N.A. Maslakovets argued with facts.
A. A. Donetsk proceeded from ideological considerations and quotations. Such misunderstanding was characteristic of the relationship of conservatives and liberals on the Don in the XIX century. The role of disputes between A.A. Donetskiy and N.A. Maslakovets was significant for the Don history. The arguments of N.A. Maslakovets contributed to the liquidation of the Don Zemstvos.
And the victory of A.A. Donetskiy in 1899 led to the fact that the Ministry of War did not approve the draft of the relevant commission.
History of Social Thought of the Don Region, A.A. Donetskiy, N.A. Maslakovets, Zemstvos on the Don

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