Political, Ethical and Gnoseological Ideological Values of Eurasism of South Russia Nations

(Daghestan State University)

Civilization identity comprehension of the South Russia demands a research of multiple-factor communications, domination in it culturally – language unity, religious and geographical values in the historical past and the future of the nations of the region.
At the same time the civilization essence is seen in system communications of dozens of general and enough peculiar material and cultural wealth. The Euroasian values of the region are directed on connection of alternative values and therefore can be considered not only as a factor of consolidation of the people of the respective former Soviet Union, but also as a basis for intercivilization
and cross-cultural dialogue. There is the idea of the community or spiritual closeness of the ethnoses of the Eurasian space in the article, in particular, on the rich content of such a historically significant phenomenon of world culture as Sufism. As traditional Islam for the North Caucasus and other regions of the Eurasian space, Sufism acts as an appreciable impulse for the value synthesis
of Orthodoxy, Buddhism and Judaism.
The article is suggests a hypothesis about the values of the Eurasian civilization, specific to the South Russia, which are classified into political, ethical and epistemological ideological values of the Eurasian geopolitical space.
eurasism, Russia, South Russia, Russian Caucasus, civilization, globalization, values, identity, Orthodoxy, Sufism, rationality, mysticism, freedom, human rights, civil society

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