“The History of the Peoples of the Northern Caucasus“– The Incomplete

(Academy of Sciences of the Chechen Republic)

(Complex Research Institute of Russian Academy of Science; Chechen State Pedagogical University)

(Chechen State Pedagogical University)

The task of drafting of multi-volume series of the history of the peoples of the Northern Caucasus from ancient to contemporary times is mainstreamed in the article. The authors consider that it will enable completion of practical implementation of the academic project which was drawn up in in the 1970s and 1980s at the initiative of the Soviet scientists Yu. Zhdanov, A. Narochnitsky,
Yu. Polyakov and their colleagues. Currently, almost all regions of the Northern Caucasus have their written histories. Furthermore, the database has been updated, and the key issues of Caucasian studies were discussed at the regional, all-Russian, and international conferences and symposia.
Northern Caucasus, peoples of region, regional history, multiple writings, methodological paradigm, historiography, source study, Yu. Zhdanov, A. Narochnitsky, Yu. Polyakov, V. Chernous, academic institutions

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