To the Question of the Causes and Consequences of the Ethnic Deportation of the Stavropol Territory during the Great Patriotic War and Their Demographic Consequences

(Branch Stavropol State Pedagogical Institute in Essentuki)

(Pyatigorsk State University)

(Pyatigorsk State University)

(Adyghe State University)

Purpose: First of all, the authors reported and analyzed in the historical context of causes and consequences of carrying out the deportation measures against the ethnic groups living on the territory of the Stavropol region during the period under review. The choice of this time period due to the fact that during the Great Patriotic War was held of the ethnic deportation of several peoples, which led to a complex socio-demographic processes in the Stavropol region. The authors consider it necessary to note, that the problem of main directions of state ethnic policy, carried out in the Stavropol region in 1941–1945, is still not became a subject of special scientific research. On the other hand, a careful study of objectively showing the exact direction of ethno-demographic processes, and the degree of their transformations with long-term consequences for the population.
Methods: When writing of this study were used methods of historical analysis, synthesis, ideographic method, as well as the fundamental principle of historicism.
Results: Archival materials speak about demographic problems of the Stavropol region as a result of the deportation of the peoples. In particular, there was a fall in the birth rate and the depopulation of the region. The demographic consequences of the resettlement of the Caucasian ethnic groups to the East of the country were so catastrophic. So, according to the official materials for 13 years in exile died of 26.5 % of the deported Balkars and Karachai. In fact, in the areas links to repressed peoples were doomed to extinction because of our difficult living conditions and a dispersed settlement in the vast territory.
Discussion: Inhumane is the precedent of «punishing people», replacing legal proceedings against specific individuals. Regardless of any statistics, attributing collective guilt, and the use of collective punishment on the grounds of ethnicity is illegal act.
As a result of forced deportations, the population of Stavropol region has undergone significant changes in its ethnic structure. All repressive measures led to the decrease of rural population and a significant increase in the number of problems that have occurred on ethnic grounds.
Stavropol region, the Great Patriotic War, the Karachai AO, totalitarian regime, deportation, collaboration, census, genocide, special settlers, punished people

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