The Concept of Interlingual Interference within the Paradigm of the Theory of Language Contacts: Recent Findings

(Don State Technical University)

The article is devoted to the analyses of the concept of interlingual interference under the light of recent integration and globalization processes which lead to intensified language contacts and formation of such idioms as lingua franca. As a result, interlingual interference has changed considerably and there is no doubt it needs new approaches in terms of dealing with future challenges. Besides, the study aims to consider other important concepts in order to under-stand the phenomenon of interlingual interference. For example, examining the mixture of languages spoken in Paraguay one can see how frequent code-switching affects
different levels of the language system. The benefits of this study are to show fresh perspectives to the subject and initiate more detailed theoretical and practical investigation.
language contacts, interlingual interference, bilingualism, globaliza-tion, code switching, language mixture, idiom, lingua franca

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