The Influence of Globalization on the State of Linguistic Culture of Ethnic Communities (Based on the Example of Territorial Version of Nigerian English)

(Belgorod State University)

Purpose: The article is devoted to the problem of linguistic and cultural peculiarities in the period of globalization influence on the state of linguistic culture of ethnic communities. The authors analyze the features of globalization impact on the linguistic and cultural state of ethnic community, based on the example of African culture. The aim of the study is to identify the cultural and
linguistic features of globalization and analyze the impact of globalization on the language component on the example of Nigeria.
Methods: This article is based on the systemic approach to the interdisciplinary analysis. Due to the cognitive crossdisciplinary approach base on the anthropocentric factor, linguistic and non-linguistic information, intercultural analyses, especially dealing with the problem of cultural, mental and language correlation.
Results: The phenomenon of globalization is associated with the spread of Western system of values, a key characteristic of which is rationalism. The central idea of globalization is in the interaction and integration processes. In the article the authors examine the historical patterns and features of the phenomenon of globalization, analyze the effects of globalization on the cultural and linguistic development of Nigeria.
Discussion: Given the important contribution to the form of globalization as a confrontation between global civilization and local cultures, the authors present the practical part of the research, which is based on the dictionaries of Nigerian English usage by H. Igboanusi. The authors analyze phonetic, syntactic and lexical structure of territorial version of English in Nigeria and sum its characteristic features, having been influenced due to the dominant influence of English in the era of globalization.
globalization, cultural linguistics, language contact, Africa, territorial variant, indigenous languages, globalization

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