Yuriy Zhdanov: Scientist, Philosopher, Citizen

(Southern Federal University)

The article reconstructs the universe of scientific and philosophical thought of Yuriy Andreevich Zhdanov – an outstanding Soviet and Russian scientist, philosopher and statesman. Zhdanov's understanding of the role and importance of world and domestic science, the active participation of domestic scientists in the ongoing modernization of the country, what he saw as the prospects of scientific creativity. The main philosophical position s of Zhdanov are reproduced. The system of philosophical and scientific views of Zhdanov, according to the author, makes him the heir to the ideology of Education. Ethno-cultural reflections are included in the circle of Zhdanov's interests and find support and understanding. The reconstruction shows the socio-practical orientation of Zhdanov's philosophy and allows us to conclude that he remained primarily a scientist and a citizen at all stages of his life and professional career.
science, philosophy, culture, civilization, education, personality, reflection, modernization, globalization

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