Research Space by Professor V.N. Ovchinnikov

(North Caucasus Research Institute of Economic and Social Problems of the Southern Federal University)

The article offers the author's version of the creative ways Professor SFU V.N. Ovchinnikov, contains analysis of the theoretical sources of his research, the author reveals the peculiarities of the methodology and style of research writing, presents the main diverse scientific oragnizational and teaching activities as Professor, head of Department, scientific supervisor of research projects of the Chairman of dissertation councils, the EA, the WAC, etc. an assessment of the role V.N. Ovchinnikov in the formation and development of economic faculty, modernization of economic education in SFU, disclosed his mission scientific Communicator in
the international economic community, in the training of scientists and development of research in the South of Russia, scientificpractical and project activities as Director of North Caucasian Research Institute of economic and social problems, Rostov State University (SFEDU), his role in nurturing young scientists.
research, creativity, concept the theoretical, methodological principles, the substantive field of research, training of scientific personnel, modernization of educational programs, intellectual mission, scientific and public communication

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