"The Caucasus Scientific Thought" is a scientific and socio-theoretical publication. The journal publishes the results of fundamental researches in the field of humanities, natural sciences and engineering. The journal is a kind of interdisciplinary scientific forum.

The objectives of the journal publication are:

  • Promotion of the priority development fields of fundamental researches in the humanities, natural sciences and engineering;
  • Expansion of the interdisciplinary nature of published materials;
  • Development of new methodologies and research methods;
  • Systematic improvement of the quality of published materials.

The super-task of the "The Caucasus Scientific Thought" journal is to facilitate the high professional training of scientists in Russia and exert the positive impact on the stabilization of the socio-political and socio-economic life of the most multi-ethnic region of the Russian Federation.

In the realization of these tasks eminent scientists and young researchers of higher education institutions and academic institutions of the Southern and the North Caucasian Federal Districts of the Russian Federation, the leading universities of Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan take part. Most of them are represented in the line-up of the editors and the editorial board of the journal. Editor in Chief - the RAS Academician M.Ch. Zalikhanov.

The journal has regular rubrics: "Time. Idea. Science of XXI Century"," Science. Society. Geopolitics"," Ecology and Nature management", "New scientific trends and technologies", "The peoples of the Caucasus: Traditions and Modernity ", "Problems of linguistics and modern linguoculture. " These and current rubrics allow to organize a comprehensive review of the socio-economic, political and ecological situation in the region, explore debateable issues of innovation, highlight the fundamental problems from different points. Particular attention is given to various aspects of cross-cultural interaction.

The journal publishes only the original articles, previously not issued in other publications. When sending the manuscript to the editor the author automatically undertakes an obligation not to issue it, in whole or in part, in any publication without consent of the publisher. The journal accepts only scientific articles and reviews. Articles without bibliography are not accepted. All articles go through internal and external peer review.

The journal continuously initiates expansion of author and readership audience. The journal is presented in an international global serials directory - Ulrich's Periodicals Directory. The journal offers the subscription opportunity within periodicals (subscription index in the catalog of publications is 72566). Most scientific and educational libraries of the higher education institution in the South of Russia offer the readers for subscription. The journal articles are included into the Russian Science Citation Index (RISC), into the database of All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of Russian Academy of Sciences (ARISTI RAS).

The interdisciplinarity of the journal, its complex, paradigmatic approach to the published materials gives an opportunity for creation and extraction of synergetic effect, so demanded by modern science and practice.