October Revolution of 1917 and Russian Destiny in the Works and Memories of N.O. Lossky

(Southern Federal University)

The author of the article analyses the views of the famous Russian religious philosopher N.O. Lossky. These views concern his practical philosophy, the evolution of his social and philosophical ideas and political estimations of the background of the revolutions of 1905 and 1917 that took place in Russia. These views were formed in the context of Russian thought abroad, after the expulsion of Russian thinkers from the country in 1922.
In his works and memories, the Russian philosopher investigated the causes of Russian revolutions and made conclusion that the October Revolution of 1917 is the result of a fateful mixture of circumstances caused by the weakening of Russia as a result of participation in the difficult world war of 1914-1918, and not necessarily the internal result of the historical processes in Russia.
N.O. Lossky denied the revolutionary path of development of society and believed that by the Russian people are capable to construct democratic social system. The selfishness of personalities was the obstacle for it. It could be ideal social order
provide each member of society the spiritual and material conditions of normal development leading to the threshold of the Kingdom of God in conditions of real existence. Nevertheless, one can still establish the strategy in which the development of society could achieve this ideal.
Lossky defined the mission of the existence of Russia in world of History, which consists in informing peoples of Europe and America about the achievements of Russian culture and Orthodoxy.
Lossky, Russian revolution, emigration, Russian Thought abroad, destiny of Russia

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